The Spare and The Heir – book 5

The Spare and The Heir : book 5

He’s in love the with wrong person…

Thorne Magnus Calder, heir to the Duke of St. Cyr is in love—and his mind and heart refuse to relent.

Meanwhile, courting the lovely Lady Alain, Lord Quintin Joseph Wyntor’s heart belongs only to Calder, a crime neither man wishes to face. The passion these men have for each other leaves them both reeling with helplessness as they suffer without one another. Their needs and desires will only result in persecution and danger if discovered.

But when Lady Alain forced Quinn to accept that his love for Calder cannot be denied, Calder and Quinn realize that the risk they face might not be as perilous as surviving without each other. Together, they search for a way to confront the truth—while remaining in each other’s lives—and arms.

Can the two men defy the odds, ignore the threat of prosecution, and find a place in their lives for each other?


Main Characters: 

Quintin Joseph Samuel, Lord Wyntor (Quinn)

Thorne Magnus Alastair Calder, Marquess of Canford, Heir to the Duke of St. Cyr (Calder)


Celeste Moravia Agathe, Lady Alain 



An historical gay romance with a time traveling twist. A passionate gay erotic romance novel by Jenn LeBlanc




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“Calder, my dear delicate love. He is wonderfully layered. The exterior is a protection for his vulnerability. I fell for him just as surely as I did Quinn in The Trouble with Grace. I enjoyed the complex relationship of the 3 of them…
I love Calder’s jealousy and that he finally has to admit it to himself while dealing with the entirety of his feelings/emotions.
I went in thinking Calder needed to man up and be the hero Quinn deserved. I quickly realized the same could be said for Quinn. The profound sadness that although Calder literally leaves Quinn waiting for his return, Calder was waiting for a return as well. Oh the feels! Oh the FEELS!
I found myself once more screaming “COMMUNICATE. Just say the words. Stop the nonsensical 2 words stop, 3 words stop. Explain the situations. How hard is it Quintin?” I know the terms aren’t there to explain sexuality but you can still describe it right? I was way too emotionally involved and just wanted them happy already 🙂 It was a catch because I also never wanted the book to end, ever. I could read these characters forever.
Love is love is love is love! This story was a pure representation of that fact. Thank you Ms. Jenn LeBlanc.”

—Cassan Rose






  • Published: 2016
  • Publisher: Jenn LeBlanc

Cover Flat:


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