The Lords of Time is a world in which a time switch causes people to moved through time to correct wrongs made by The Fates. When fated couples in a lineage were accidentally separated throughout history, The Fates intervened to correct the error, bringing couples together through a switch in time.

Though details of the exact work of the switch have yet to be revealed in the series, the first two books deal with two women from the 21st century being sent back to Victorian England.

Books planned for this series include the contemporary counterparts which will visit the women who were brought forward to modern society from Victorian England when the switch took place.

Because there are so many stories to be told in both the Victorian and Modern Lord of Time worlds, there will be books within the world, which do not necessarily include time travel, or move the story forward in that respect. Those single titles will be clearly listed. Any novel that includes threads of the time travel will be included as part of the series.

The world of The Lords of Time currently includes three books:

The Rake and The Recluse : A Tale of Two Brothers – Book One in the Lords of Time series

The Duke and The Baron : Absolute Surrender

The Duke and The Domina : Warrick the Ruination of Grayson Danforth – Book Two in the Lords of Time series


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