The Rake And The Recluse

The Rake and The Recluse was published in February 2012. It was originally written and published as an illustrated serial novel in six parts.

The Rake and The Recluse is now available as a standard eBook, an illustrated novel, and the original illustrated serial novel.

An illustrated novel is the full-length text of the original book, with multiple illustrations to enhance the reading experience.

A serial novel is a full book in parts, each part is a complete piece of the story, but the book has to be read in order to get the full story.

All links are included on this page after the back cover copy:

A woman out of her time…

Another ahead of hers…

and the men they yearn for…

On a path bound for certain glory Francine Larrabee unexpectedly travels in time, landing in Victorian England, and is nearly killed by a team of terrifying black horses led by the Duke of Roxleigh. Though she’s drawn to the Duke, Gideon, her rescuer wants nothing to do with her—despite the pull he feels in her presence. Taken aback by his cross and angry nature, Francine sets out to win the heart of the man she can’t understand. He saved her, allowed her sanctuary to heal, but avoids her at every turn.

Francine wants answers—and him.

Meanwhile, after a brutal attack, once a simple and frail miss—Lilly Steele finds strength and courage in her rise from the ashes. Feeling a connection and a sense of security around the brother of The Duke of Roxleigh, Lord Peregrine Trumbull, Lilly tempts him with her persuasive but innocent ways. However, Perry ignites when she touches him, setting him on fire for a woman he knows he shouldn’t touch.

For Lilly to heal from the wounds of her past Perry must submit to the woman he desires, going against everything he believes.

Can two women in a world dominated by males find a way to seduce the men they desire into the submission of their hearts, minds, and bodies?














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