If You See Me


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Alexander Carlos Quinoñez, a.k.a. Xan, is a model with a filthy mouth and a reputation.

James Elizabeth Lynwood, is a photographer with a history and a problem.

James doesn’t want to date, she’s been burned before and doesn’t have time to deal with drama right now. She’s too busy building her brand and her life to bother with the whole dating mess. She’s got things to do.

Xan hasn’t ever wanted a woman the way he wants James. The sexy woman with the name of a boy has him so desperately intrigued he has no idea what to think. She has him wondering who he is and what he really wants for the first time in his life.

When James needs a date to her BFFs wedding in San Francisco Xan manages to finagle a ticket in exchange for his adherence to a few rules, the first of which is NO TOUCHING.
But Xan knows he’s just as good with his mouth as he is with his body so he’s determined to get past all the walls this buxom blonde beauty is throwing up in front of him…and in to her.

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