And the beat goes on…

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

One of the most important factors of shooting as a photojournalist is obtaining caption info. NAMES NAMES NAMES! So important and new journalists often have a difficult time with that, either taking the time to obtain them, or being forward enough to introduce themselves and ask. It can be awkward at first, but ultimately is … Continue reading

My bloody Victorian

The photo shoot went off without a hitch, everything was perfect, the images are great! It’s all shiny! BAHAHAHAHA! First off, things happen and you really need to hold your head and have a sense of humor or you’ll lose it and that isn’t a pretty thing, humans are born with heads and without them … Continue reading

More words, more pictures.

After a chaotic couple weeks of casting and costumes I decided none of the dresses I looked at were worthy of my book. Costume shops are great for many things, one of which being bulk costumes with lots of wear and tear. Most of the Victorian ballgowns were well worn and looking a bit shaggy, … Continue reading