The end of a long year

The image above was the first picture I ever made for this project and here it comes, the end of the year. Officially, I started illustrating this novel on January 9, 2010. SO for me this year has been momentous. The thing of it is, when I started I had no idea it would go … Continue reading


This is it. The home stretch. The grande finale. The whole shebang (not the Ricky Martin version). That’s all folks. Fin. Finito. 10-4. Over and out. Adieu. My own valediction. My personal deadline for finishing the final run through and placing, designing and checking out this book is…Christmas Eve. It’s my Christmas present to myself … Continue reading

The making of a rake

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

I’ve worked with a few models. Most of them get put through their paces in my studio, no doubt about it. The guys I have worked with have been such great sports shooting for this particular project, timing has us shooting in a cold cyc-room with water that isn’t exactly warm, freezing their buns off. … Continue reading

I don’t shoot weddings…

That being said, check out the beautiful bride…

The most difficult story I’ve ever told

©2005 Jenn LeBlanc

This is a story I wrote for The Metropolitan in 2006. I have re-worked it some, as I was unhappy with some of the copy edits after final publication. Cancer: a story of one. Francine Yvonne Barnum was diagnosed with colon cancer on Dec. 17, 2002. She endured surgery and months of chemo and recovered, but … Continue reading

Wrangling cats

Casting and organizing another studio shoot for this project. All I can say is “aaarrrrrgh!” Seriously, this is like wrangling cats. Flakes, cancellations, last minute changes in terms, and on and on and on. There is truly something to be said for photojournalism when working on these shoots. Photojournalism is easy (in this regard) you … Continue reading


You have to find it wherever you can. Sometimes it is difficult. At least once a week I click on the link to the Rocky Mountain News, temporarily forgetting she is no longer with us. The loss of that newspaper in particular was very difficult to stomach. The Rocky was driven by the passion for … Continue reading

Field of nightmares.

I was checking out a fellow photojournalists’ blog and it brought back some pretty great (and timely) memories, though at first I thought it was going to be some snarky post about Monty Python from the title (and I have Python on the brain due to a marathon in IFC right now): Chip Litherland – Bring … Continue reading

Oh Lucy!

My crazy friend Lucy asked me to do portraits of her and her beau before they leave for Seattle. So I did. We had fun. ALOT of fun. We also made some fancy portraits. It was fun.

What to say what to say

I got nothing.