As a bee…

I had a big #StudioSmexy shoot this weekend. We went from paranormal to contemporary and historical to BDSM and a bit of M/M, Menage and back to the wild wild west. It was a good time, as always. I had a few requests, so we had a basic roadmap of where we were headed, but that doesn’t mean we stuck to it like glue. It’s always more fun to … Continue reading


Last Friday was my book release party at the Denver Press Club. It was so fantastic. Carmen and the crew made it a wonderful time, the drunken pears from Kenn at A Man of All Seasons catering were just to DIE for good, and so many people came out to help me celebrate and buy … Continue reading

This was my image

In my last post —This was my year— I talked about the images that made up the journey of my year. I went through each month and chose images that summed up the month for me. They weren’t necessarily my best images (as I said) but they were the images that stuck out in my … Continue reading

Makin’ friends

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

Met a few new friends down here today:

Back in the swing.

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

It is really hard to get back after that last post. Everytime I come to blog it is the first thing I see and just stops me in my tracks, still. So I thought I would jump in easy with a recent image from my flight to Seattle. I love this image, even with the … Continue reading

Slippery sucker

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

One of Hubband’s favorite things is exploring natural areas like the alluvial fan in Rocky Mountain National Park, so when we were exploring the California coast we stopped at several beaches along the way so we could explore the sand, rocks and tide pools. Tide pools are awesome, full of colorful life forms left behind … Continue reading

Prayer Candles

The Wary Cassowary

I was going through my archive, weeding out doubles and making sure everything had proper attribution, date, slug, tags, caps etc. and ran over this gem of an image from last summer. I have no idea why I like this image, probably because he obviously doesn’t trust me. A wary cassowary is a funny thing. … Continue reading

Old School

I have been shooting for 25 years. I count the time from when I stole my dad’s AE-1 and didn’t give it back. Yesterday I was going through my archive. Not the TB drive that has the last 5 years on it, but the silver prints, small, medium and large format slides and negatives, VanDyke … Continue reading


DAM This is about a year old, but it is hot today, again, and I just wanted something to remind me that the heat will be gone soon. The day I took this it was FRIGID, frozen, brrrr, to the enth degree. Loved the patterns of snow blowing off the building. This image was also … Continue reading