Rom Con 2012

Here we go my lovelies. I am SO excited for RomCon this year, last year it was kinda my coming out party. I managed to talk a few good bloggers into coming out to party with me (which was AWESOME) and they are returning again this year as well. Now that I know SO MANY … Continue reading

RomCon 2012!

ONe month my peepins! ONE MONTH to RomCon. Do you KNOW what RomCon is? I’ll let you check out my posts about last years con here, here, and here. Total romancilicious insanity of the best kind. Romcon is a reader convention which means everything we do is for the reader (YOU) there are no publishing … Continue reading

Wild Berry

More to come…


DAM This is about a year old, but it is hot today, again, and I just wanted something to remind me that the heat will be gone soon. The day I took this it was FRIGID, frozen, brrrr, to the enth degree. Loved the patterns of snow blowing off the building. This image was also … Continue reading