Marine Ball

Shooting events and portraits can often become hum drum. You have to stay on your toes. Find something to encourage your brain, keep your creative mind engaged. I usually find that in the details. The images that most people want come easily for me at this point. Dude at podium? Check, couples dancing? Check, portrait … Continue reading

A good bit of fun.

Last night was the reception for my Color Series, hosted by Violet on Larimer Square.  We had such a good time. I set up a photobooth in one of the dressing rooms, and we convinced a good number of people to check it out. My daughters also managed to have a fairly good time with … Continue reading

The pink carpet

I covered a “pink” carpet movie premiere a couple weeks ago. It was the premiere of a small independent film called Olivia Rox. We were there more for ambiance than actual photography and it was all for fun so I took my protégé Auberry with me, handed off my 20D and let her fly. She … Continue reading