The Rake and the Recluse Playlist

Due to popular demand here is the playlist with a few footnotes 😉 And a link to most of it HERE None of these fit into the timeline of the story, they are more selections curated for the emotion and rhythm I was going for. To read more into it or to read the book … Continue reading

I don’t shoot weddings…

That being said, check out the beautiful bride…

Dancing with myself…oo oo oo oo

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

’nuff said I’m planning a dancing with yourself day at the studio, $300 gets you your own personal 8×12 dance matted and signed by the artist! contact Jenn at IrisPhotoJenn@gmail for details.

My bucket list

I have had a sort of list rattling around in my head forever. I added to it often, just about every month when my National Geographic Magazine would show up actually. I recently decided I needed to write down everything I wanted to shoot, and start marking them off. Since writing down the list I … Continue reading

More Wild Portraits

P.S. This is what happens when you put a bunch of crazy girls in front of a camera. Actually, my house looks like this just about any time.

Happy Holidays!

Every year I try to take my kids to the Denver Zoo for Wild Lights. Thing is, when I was a fine art major I did a slide show (um, old school, actual slides, title slides, programmed tape deck, Wollensak programming unit) on the Denver Zoo for a final. Got an A+. It was fun. … Continue reading

I heart strangers

I had a busy day today, woke up at nine, read a book until 10:30, went to lunch…see where this is going? Lunch was wonderful with some bestest buddies at The Fainting Goat, (have you seen Fainting Goats? <- Dirty Jobs clip just in case.) which was good, I showed M her wedding pictures (NO I … Continue reading

Oh Lucy!

My crazy friend Lucy asked me to do portraits of her and her beau before they leave for Seattle. So I did. We had fun. ALOT of fun. We also made some fancy portraits. It was fun.


So I am testing a new camera and lens sent to me compliments of Canon. I have had it for a week, and have to return it to them in another week. Though the lens is a macro, and an incredible one at that, so far this week, this has been my favorite image.


Zipline stoicism…only Gabrielle OK, I caught her smiling…once.