More Wild Portraits

P.S. This is what happens when you put a bunch of crazy girls in front of a camera. Actually, my house looks like this just about any time.

Happy Holidays!

Every year I try to take my kids to the Denver Zoo for Wild Lights. Thing is, when I was a fine art major I did a slide show (um, old school, actual slides, title slides, programmed tape deck, Wollensak programming unit) on the Denver Zoo for a final. Got an A+. It was fun. … Continue reading

Giggi kills at tennis

Giggi Kills at tennis

Peer pressure

Well, I have finally succumbed digital pressure and started a blog of my own. How fabulous. I don’t know about this… Giggi at the Aquarium Friday. She stole one of my cameras, shot 300+ pictures. Seems oddly familiar, I have no idea how my parents could afford my habit. Thank God for digital right?