Lookie what I did!

Taught myself yet another trick…animated GIFs. Because the iThingys are flashy non gratis, I decided (since the iPad was really my inspiration for the illustrations) I needed an animated ad that would work on the the iThingys and VOILA: my new ad is fully iCompatible 🙂

DRM (or…the devil)

out take from illustrated romance shoot

There are so many debates about DRM (digital rights Management) and eBook pricing that I have to say a couple things about my novel. It is a digital book only (there is a Limited Edition print version…but the cost is astronomical because of all the illustrations). I have thought a great deal about all the … Continue reading


The EPUB version of my novel on iPad is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Oh my stars I’m excited. Especially after seeing the kindle preview. (sorry about that whiny post) Anywhoo! I am thrilled by the look of the novel on the iPad the color plates are stunningly beautiful, the text flows perfectly, the layout is almost perfect, I … Continue reading