Day one : BP oil

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

At 12:13 a.m. I suppose the end of day one can be heralded. What a long day. Of course I am still working (obviously) getting content out on the website. I started my tour of the gulf on the docks in Venice Louisiana, where I met Bruce Miller, Public Information Officer (PIO) for the U.S. … Continue reading

The most difficult story I’ve ever told

©2005 Jenn LeBlanc

This is a story I wrote for The Metropolitan in 2006. I have re-worked it some, as I was unhappy with some of the copy edits after final publication. Cancer: a story of one. Francine Yvonne Barnum was diagnosed with colon cancer on Dec. 17, 2002. She endured surgery and months of chemo and recovered, but … Continue reading

Sports Portfolio

Since the single most popular freelance gig I get in Denver is sports, I figured I would add a little sample of my sports portfolio. I’m still working on the exact selections. I need more Friday night lights, and I haven’t narrowed down my swimming, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and some others yet. I was thinking … Continue reading

Blog blogging…

Two fantastic blogs from today, I couldn’t say it better myself. The first is reasons you should hire (ME) a photojournalist, the second something every photojournalist worth their salt must contend with, and how one who is worth (more than) his salt did. Five reasons you should hire a photojournalist Matthew Jonas, photojournalist and now … Continue reading