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Studio? Studio.

Studio blue flower prtrait

Return of the zombies

So I have been looking forward to the zombie shoot for months. Literally. I had so much to consider in the planning this shoot, I mean the precedent for zombie art is huge. There are so many different styles and takes on zombies, starting with Night of the Living Dead, and moving forward exponentially, particularly … Continue reading

White Wedding…

Sarah and Kevin Lansing wedding portraits

A little preview, presenting Mr. and Mrs. Lansing. Sarah and Kevin were married January 10, 2011 in a small ceremony surrounded by family. We went to Washington Park for golden hour, and I did my best to turn everyone’s lips blue and toes numb. Ahh the things we do for that iconic image of love, … Continue reading

This was my image

In my last post —This was my year— I talked about the images that made up the journey of my year. I went through each month and chose images that summed up the month for me. They weren’t necessarily my best images (as I said) but they were the images that stuck out in my … Continue reading

This was my year.

I actually did a post for the decade, since it has been one giant whammy of a decade. But I scrapped that post. I know where I’ve been and what it took to get here, and if you know me you know that story as well. So here is my year. I won’t say it’s … Continue reading

The making of a rake

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

I’ve worked with a few models. Most of them get put through their paces in my studio, no doubt about it. The guys I have worked with have been such great sports shooting for this particular project, timing has us shooting in a cold cyc-room with water that isn’t exactly warm, freezing their buns off. … Continue reading


The Iris Phototbooth made an appearance at the Wellington Webb Building in downtown Denver this week. As always, the photo booth is a good time, this was no exception. This time we used the changeable backdrops, grey, black and supergreen. The hands down stars of this session were Benjamin Weeda and Brendan Landry of the … Continue reading


©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

One of my ongoing projects is simply called Doorways (working title) but you get the idea. I love doorways (and windows), they can speak volumes about a person, or nothing at all. Some are bereft of personality, while others ooze enlightenment. New Orleans has to be one of the most expressive cities in the United … Continue reading

The new and improved Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The new and improved Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It will be so difficult to keep these images under wraps for so long, but here is a teaser from our trip around Cherry Creek to shoot with the beautiful bride and debonair groom. We had so much fun, we didn’t want it to end, but alas… A little shout out to Room and Board … Continue reading