Sports Portfolio

Since the single most popular freelance gig I get in Denver is sports, I figured I would add a little sample of my sports portfolio. I’m still working on the exact selections. I need more Friday night lights, and I haven’t narrowed down my swimming, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and some others yet. I was thinking … Continue reading

Friday Night Lights

I am passionate about photography and I fell into photojournalism quite by accident, but when I fell, I fell hard. Since my graduation with a BA in photojournalism I have worked on the staff of a small community driven group of papers that I fell in love with and was offered two separate staff positions … Continue reading

Giggi kills at tennis

Giggi Kills at tennis

Sponge Bob sports booty

I don’t want to update my blog ’cause my niece is so pretty! Ah well, such is life, all things move on. So what picture will I give you today? How about this b-e-a-utiful wrestling picture….names and identifying info withheld, except for sponge bob. You learn alot about kids at wrestling matches.