Wedding much?

No. No I don’t, and yet it does happen on occasion. Sunday, June 5, 2011 Heritage Square, Colorado Ted and Caitlin

Zombie Bride!!

Zombie wreck the wedding dress

Best wreck the dress ever. EVER. No really. Brava to this beautiful bride for giving up her heirloom dress to the zombie fantasy wreckage. Husband, Cory Casciato runs The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, and there had been talk (momentarily) of a zombie wedding, though it ended up being just a flash mob wedding. (like JUST a … Continue reading

White Wedding…

Sarah and Kevin Lansing wedding portraits

A little preview, presenting Mr. and Mrs. Lansing. Sarah and Kevin were married January 10, 2011 in a small ceremony surrounded by family. We went to Washington Park for golden hour, and I did my best to turn everyone’s lips blue and toes numb. Ahh the things we do for that iconic image of love, … Continue reading


One of the most lovely, amazing souls I have ever met was married to another lovely and amazing soul this past summer. I was just lucky enough to be there to capture some moments, and the beauty of one of my best friends. I posted some of her images already, but we (Cora and I) … Continue reading

The new and improved Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The new and improved Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It will be so difficult to keep these images under wraps for so long, but here is a teaser from our trip around Cherry Creek to shoot with the beautiful bride and debonair groom. We had so much fun, we didn’t want it to end, but alas… A little shout out to Room and Board … Continue reading

I don’t shoot weddings…

That being said, check out the beautiful bride…

Picking pockets

My friend Cora has a new blog to check out, so you should. In the meantime if you see her out shooting a wedding I’ll give you $10 to pick her pocket and bring me her wallet, she needs to learn to keep that thing stowed!