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One of my ongoing projects is simply called Doorways (working title) but you get the idea. I love doorways (and windows), they can speak volumes about a person, or nothing at all. Some are bereft of personality, while others ooze enlightenment. New Orleans has to be one of the most expressive cities in the United … Continue reading


©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

What color do the Buffs wear?

Back in the swing.

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

It is really hard to get back after that last post. Everytime I come to blog it is the first thing I see and just stops me in my tracks, still. So I thought I would jump in easy with a recent image from my flight to Seattle. I love this image, even with the … Continue reading

Thinking outside the…props

I am working on setting up some location shots for this project, now that spring has sprung and the weather is more like the book…In the meantime, I’ve been faking settings in studio. But studio is all about faking the settings anyway, which is fun. One of the main settings for the book is an … Continue reading